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Bringing words to life


Restoring humanity to the practice of medicine



We ask questions, listen, and go the extra mile for our employees and customers. We value each person’s feedback, questions, and concerns.


We wake up every morning focused on improving the lives of physicians and patients through our talents, passion, and hard work


We envision how medicine “should be” and create innovative solutions to make this vision
a reality.


We are honest and we design software that is reliable, confidential,
and secure.


We believe in our vision and are determined to make it a reality. If we fall short, we get up and try again.


Moti Tomashin, LLM

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Moti is a former healthcare attorney, who spent years litigating hundreds of cases in court. His experience as an attorney, working alongside physicians and patients, sparked Moti’s passion for digital health. Prior to founding Simple Speak, as a commander and flight instructor in the Israeli Army, Moti was a founding member of an elite drone unit, Sky Riders. Moti holds a Masters in Law and Business from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Tel Aviv University

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Yaron Aronsohn

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Yaron is an accomplished software engineer with over 20 years of experience building enterprise software used by millions of people daily. Prior to founding Simply Speak, Yaron was a founding member and Chief Architect at Cyvera, a cybersecurity company that was acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $220M. Yaron is passionate about solving Natural Language Understanding problems, and developing secure and reliable healthcare software.

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Matthew Heffernan, MS

Head of Clinical Information

Matthew has over 10+ years of experience in various Electronic Health Record systems, workflows design, process improvement, revenue cycle, and physician adoption. He has previously worked in Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, Primary Care, and other fields. Matthew has a Masters in Emergency Management from University of New Haven and a Bachelor’s degree from Université Bishop’s in Québec, Canada.

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Sergey Egorov, MS

Chief Architect & Software Team Lead

Sergey has over 16 years of experience in software engineering, specializing in building websites and mobile applications.  Sergey has a Masters in Information Technology and Programming from Kharkiv National University.

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Saivarun Pothuraju

Saivarun Pothuraju

Product Manager

Prior to joining Simply Speak, Saivarun worked as a Software Engineer for 5+ years in various industries. He has extensive experience working in product-oriented teams, building both front-end and back-end cloud-based web applications.


Daniel Vogler

Daniel Vogler

Data Scientist Intern

Daniel worked at New York-based education startup Frank Financial Aid, where he helped develop an engine offering prospective college students school recommendations specifically tailored to their needs. Previously, he worked at the European Systemic Risk Board, developing models to document and mitigate risks to systemically important European financial institutions.


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