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MInister Riley, MD Pediatrician at PediaTrust

Spotlight on Minster Riley, M.D., Pediatrician, PediaTrust

What made you go into medicine? 

I became a Pediatrician because I love to interact with not just kids but whole families. It’s a unique specialty where your time is split between both sick and well visits. But those well visits run the gamut of newborns through adolescents and it’s amazing to be a part of a child’s life as they grow. Also there’s a large concentration of infectious disease within pediatrics that has always been an interest to me. 

What is your favorite medicine memory or volunteering memory? 

There are so many! When I was just starting out I worked closely with a teenager going through a challenging emotional and physical time. She recently brought her first child to me, a baby who was born 5 weeks early. The fact that she remembers me and trusts me means everything.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen telemedicine do in your practice?

It has enabled my practice to keep seeing our patients in this crazy time, when many parents are nervous to even take their kids out of the house. We’ve proven that we “are still there” for our patients and that we can adapt to their needs.

How has Simply Speak changed your practice of medicine?

Simply Speak allows me to focus on the patient instead of the computer. Now I don’t have to toggle between screens, continually clicking away. I can pay attention to the parent or patient during telemedicine visits just like if they were in my exam room (sometimes even more attentively) because I don’t have to worry about missing any details.  I can leave my notes for the end of the day knowing Simply Speak has captured all the information I need. All I have to do then is cut and paste and finish up the coding pieces.


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