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What made you go into medicine?

The combination of science and art. Specifically, having the ability to understand the physiology behind illness, but also understanding that each patent is different, has a different story to tell, and that treatment is more than just a pharmaceutical or a surgery for a patient, but that treatments need to be tailored to each patient. Making a connection, as we do everyday in primary care, is key to being a doctor.

What is your favorite medicine memory?

I have so many great memories of being a pediatrician. One of my favorites was seeing a patient who I had previously diagnosed with leukemia (he came in c/o fatigue and his parents had no inkling it might be cancer), coming back to see me after he went into remission. Having dealt with cancer myself, and having been a parent of a child with a hematological illness, I not only helped make the diagnosis, but could give the patient and the parents practical advice about how to deal with this diagnosis on a day-to-day level. They were very appreciative, and I feel like I made a real difference in the lives of the entire family.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen telemedicine do in your practice?

Like most practices, we would not have survived this pandemic without the ability to see patients via telemedicine. As a pediatric practice, our offices were not hotbeds of infection, and we were able to do a good job at keeping potentially sick patients from each other and from excessive exposure to our staff. But the fear of COVID is real, and our families were reluctant to come into the offices. But with telemedicine, we could see a lot of patients safely, and our patients and their parents loved that.

How has Simply Speak changed your practice of medicine?

“Simply Speak is easy to install, easy to use, has a very quick turnaround, and saves me 7-8 minutes per progress note”

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